Meeting for Singles (22 to July 25, 2010 inclusive). Garden Ashram de Alhama - Murcia (Spain)

If you are looking for a different holiday in contact with nature close to the mountains in an environment full of peace and light, wanting to meet new people and accompanied by people who have your same concerns, we suggest you spend a few days of vacation alternatives (numerical parity), sharing from the fun, human development and contact.

We offer an open space where knowing, feeling, experience and promote the encounter with healthy lifestyles and sustainable, without alcohol, snuff or any kind of stimulant, exquisite cuisine spiced

To do this we will conduct specific workshops :
"The meeting between the masculine and feminine," Paloma Zamora
"In-Touch Massage, Diego Almagro,
"Play with your emotions," Francisca Cuenca
"Singles Meeting on Biodiversity", M. Angel Cervantes.

We will also make practices to get in shape , "Taoist Yoga" JA Valera, "Solar Yoga, Running and space for sports field.

And of course with Lúdica Zone : where we have dinner Greek, The White Gala, Music for the game, exit to the beach and pool.

Programming and activities .

€ 255.-€/ Pax before June 30, thereafter € 280.- €/Pax
Members: 180.- €/Pax before June 30, thereafter € 210.- €/Pax